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T-Sepax triple-separation powder concentrator

T-Sepax triple-separation powder concentrator_Yancheng jishengda Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd.

Product Brief

    T-Sepax three separation powder concentrator is based on the principle of international advanced powder concentrator, using aerodynamics. It not only absorbs the advantages of O-Sepa powder concentrator classification, but also retains the characteristics of traditional powder separators using positive pressure working conditions to collect finished products with four cyclone dust collectors. Therefore, the system has simple system configuration and low investment, which can greatly increase mill output. . The internal structure is reasonable, the powder concentrator has a remarkable effect, and it is the preferred product to improve the output of the grinding system after implementing the new cement standard, leading the powder concentrator technology innovation trend. This product breaks through the "separate and fine powder" separation theory of the conventional closed-circuit grinding system, and divides the material into "three" , namely coarse powder, medium coarse powder and fine powder.
Technical characteristics
Compared to the traditional powder concentrator, the T-Sepax triple separation powder concentrator has the following outstanding advantages:
1, T-Sepax three separation powder concentrator uses two-stage sorting, three-stage dispersion, can be divided into three "," coarse powder (d> 150um), medium coarse powder (60um < d < 150um) and The fine powder "first-stage classification area separates the coarse powder in the mixed powder and collects it into the coarse powder cone; the second-stage classification area is the precise classification area, and the classification is completed in the annular area formed by the guide vane and the straight cage type rotor. Since the coarse particles are pre-separated, the interference of the coarse particles is eliminated, and therefore, the classification accuracy is high, and the powder selection efficiency is over 85%.
2, T-Sepax three separation powder concentrator is similar to the centrifugal, whirlwind, rotor powder concentrator of similar size, the output is much higher, so it is more suitable for large-scale production needs. The advanced and reasonable structure allows the selection of powder air volume. The yield and feed are varied over a wide range without affecting the efficiency of the powder selection, and the classification performance is very stable.
3, the finishing device, the airflow in the rotor rotates relative to the rotor to the rising part, so the gas flow field on the surface of the grading ring is even and stable, and the relative error of any airflow is <5%. After the airflow enters the rotor, the momentum moment reduces the driving force to the rotor, saves the driving power and increases the classification principle. Combined with a variety of powder selection principles, the aerodynamic analysis method is used to optimize the design of the entire flow field, so that the equipment resistance is significantly reduced, the powder selection efficiency is higher, and energy saving and consumption reduction is very obvious. Powder concentrator The vortex wear is contained in the rotor .
4, powder concentrator uses stepless speed regulation. The fineness adjustment is convenient, the sensitivity is reliable, and the adjustment range is wide.
5. Re-optimized the design of the powder selection area and the spatial extent of the lifting area. The T-Sepax three-part powder concentrator is compact and small enough to be used in any closed-circuit grinding system consisting of grinding equipment. For open flow grinding, single closed circuit and double closed road grinding are suitable, especially for semi-finish grinding and final grinding system with roller press, which is a good grading equipment.
6, powder concentrator Easy to wear parts, such as the spreader, the cyclone, the snail angle, the guide vane and the rotor are made of wear-resistant materials or anti-wear process, the wear rate is very low. The powder lining is made of a new manganese plate, which effectively extends its service life.
7, the main bearing seal of the main shaft adopts a new design scheme, which effectively solves two major problems of bearing ash and lubricating oil leakage, and effectively extends the service life of the lower bearing.
8. When designing the powder concentrator foundation, the principle of mechanical damping is adopted, so that the resonance concentrator and the fundamental resonance frequency are not close to the natural frequency of the powder concentrator, which overcomes the resonance phenomenon and fundamentally solves the problem of powder concentrator vibration which has long been plagued by the manufacturer.
9, the coarse powder tube, the medium coarse powder tube and the fine powder tube all use double lock damper, which greatly reduces the system air leakage rate. Overcome the shortcomings of the old powder concentrator during the operation.
The main technical parameters
Model Product fineness R0.045 (%) Handling air volume (m3/h) Speed ​​(rpm) Motor power (kw) Maximum throughput (t/h) Production (t/h)
JSD250 0~3 16000 250~500 15 45 8~15
JSD350 0~3 22000 220~450 18.5 75 13~25
JSD500 0~3 30000 180~400 twenty two 90 22~35
JSD750 0~3 45000 160~340 30 130 30~45
JSD1000 0~3 60000 130~300 30 180 40~60
JSD1250 0~3 75000 130~260 37 210 55~70
JSD1500 0~3 95000 120~240 45 250 65~85
JSD2000 0~3 120000 110~200 55 330 85~110
JSD2500 0~3 150000 110~180 75 400 110~135
JSD3000 0~3 180000 110~160 110 480 130~160
JSD3500 0~3 210000 100~150 132 540 150~180
JSD4000 0~3 240000 100~150 160 610 170~205
JSD4500 0~3 270000 90~140 200 690 195~230
JSD5000 0~3 300000 90~140 220 780 220~260
Note: According to user requirements, the actual configuration may be slightly different from the configuration in the table. The contract shall prevail.