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Modified O-Sepa powder concentrator

Modified O-Sepa powder concentrator_Yancheng jishengda Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd.

Modified O-SEPA vortex powder concentrator is the fourth-generation powder concentrator which is graded by the principle of horizontal eddy current. It is a new type of powder grading equipment which is improved and improved by our company based on the introduction of foreign technology. It is applied to the classification of cement industry and powder materials or other industrial equivalent materials. It has the advantages of high production, low consumption, large processing capacity and simple operation and maintenance.

(1) Technical characteristics of O-SEPA vortex powder concentrator
O-SEPA powder concentrator has the advantages of advanced principle and clear classification mechanism. Compared with the traditional centrifugal and cyclone powder concentrator, O-SEPA powder concentrator has the following advantages:
1, high yield
Increase the yield of the grinding system by 30% to 50% using the O-SEPA vortex powder concentrator.
2, low energy consumption
Use the O-SEPA vortex powder concentrator to reduce unit energy consumption by 5% to 20% or more.
3, high quality
Reduced cost due to the accurate classification of the O-SEPA horizontal vortex powder concentrator, the coarse particles are not contained in the finished product, and the particle size range of 3~30μm is more favorable for the improvement of cement quality, thus contributing to the improvement of cement strength grade or Increase the blending amount of the mixture while keeping the strength of the cement, reduce the amount of clinker, and reduce the cost.
4, easy to operate, easy to adjust fineness
The main motor and lubrication station of the O-SEPA series of powder concentrators are remotely controllable and easy to operate. Only need to adjust the O-SEPA powder concentrator main motor speed to change the product fineness, product distribution adjustment and air volume, and the internal temperature adjustment is convenient and simple.
5, low wear and maintenance
O-SEPA powder concentrator's easy-to-grind parts such as spreading discs, baffles, guide vanes and rotor blades are made of wear-resistant materials or subjected to anti-wear processes, and their wear rate is small, so their maintenance costs are low.
6, the amount of processed powder is very large
Compared with the centrifugal type, the cyclone concentrator has a large output, which is more suitable for large-scale demand and its classification performance is stable.
7, high efficiency of powder selection
The amount of fine powder in the refracted coarse powder is extremely small.
Note: 1. The number of the above table is determined on the premise that the product specific surface area of ​​the selected vortex powder concentrator is 3200-3600cm3/g.
2. The output is the output of the system gas to gas ratio of 3kg/m3.
3. According to user requirements, the actual configuration may be slightly different from the configuration in the table. The contract shall prevail.