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JDGM boiler-purposed pulse bag type Dust remover

JDGM boiler-purposed pulse bag type Dust remover_Yancheng jishengda Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd.

The boiler Dust remover is the flue gas entering the venturi through the flue, and the water is evenly injected at the entrance of the throat. Because the flue gas moves at a high speed, the injected water is melted into a small mist and wet flue gas. Ash, so that the dust and water droplets collide and coagulate, especially the dust material with fine material diameter can be dissolved by water mist. The first dedusting and desulfurization are fully prepared for the separation of the ash, and then enter the cylinder, and the rapidly decreasing temperature of the flue gas continues to impact the lime water in the tank, the dust and SO2 in the flue gas and the lime water in the pool. The reaction produces sulphate, which sinks into the bottom of the water under the action of inertial force, gravity, adhesion, and cohesion to complete the second desulfurization process. The water spray, the water mist and the washed flue gas are excited by the flue gas. The water is simultaneously lifted, so that the flue gas fully reacts with the lime water, and then the gas and water are separated by the impeller dehydrator, the water flows into the pool through the discharge pipe, and the flue gas completes the third dust removal and desulfurization, and the purified gas passes through the fan. Discharge into the atmosphere.

Boiler Dust remover is suitable for coal, oil-fired boilers, kiln flue gas dedusting, smoke removal and desulfurization. It has low resistance, flexible installation, high desulfurization efficiency and long service life.

The boiler Dust remover can be divided into: Dust remover, pulse Dust remover, steam Dust remover, Dust remover, etc.