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XTD ceramic multi-tube Dust remover

XTD ceramic multi-tube Dust remover_Yancheng jishengda Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Structure of l  XTD (Ø 360) ceramic multi-tube Dust remover

The ceramic multi-tube Dust remover is a dust removal device consisting of several parallel ceramic cyclone Dust remover units (also known as ceramic cyclones). It can be composed of a general ceramic cyclone Dust remover unit or a DC type cyclone Dust remover unit, which is organically combined in a housing with a total intake pipe, exhaust pipe and ash hopper. The ash ash can be in a variety of ash discharge forms, because the device is composed of a ceramic cyclone tube, which is more wear-resistant than the cast iron pipe, has a smoother surface, and is resistant to acid and alkali, so it can also be wet-dusted. Suitable for capturing a variety of non-bonded dry dust. This product is not only used for the treatment of soot and harmful gases, but also ideal for dust control in metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical and other industries.

The Dust remover is divided into two parts, the upper part is the dust removal device, the lower part is the falling hopper, the flue gas inlet and outlet flange is at the upper part, the high part flange is the outlet connecting draft fan, and the lower part is the flue gas inlet flange connecting the boiler. Export flue.

The total exhaust pipe can be placed laterally or at the top according to customer requirements.

l  working principle

When the dust-containing gas enters the gas distribution chamber of the ceramic multi-tube Dust remover from the total intake pipe, and then enters the annular space between the ceramic cyclone body and the baffle, the baffle changes the gas from a linear motion to a circular motion, and the rotary airflow The vast majority of the cyclone body spirals downward from the cylinder and flows toward the cone. The dust-containing gas generates centrifugal force during the rotation process, and the dust particles with a density greater than that of the gas are smashed toward the wall of the cylinder. When the dust particles come into contact with the wall of the cylinder, the inertia force is lost and the momentum of the inlet velocity and the downward gravity fall down the wall toward the ash discharge port and enter the total ash hopper. When the rotating external swirling airflow reaches the lower end of the cone, the spiraling flow (purge gas) continues from the bottom to the top in the direction of the cyclone axis due to the contraction of the cone, and the ceramic cyclone exhaust pipe passes through the ceramic cyclone exhaust pipe. Entering the exhaust chamber and discharging it from the total exhaust port, in order to facilitate the maintenance of the dust removal system and cope with emergency situations, a bypass flue can be built under the conditions.

l  characteristics

1, ceramic multi-tube Dust remover is a new generation of low-resistance dust removal equipment developed by our company. Compared with cast iron pipe Dust remover, it has low resistance, uniform flow rate, high dust removal efficiency, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and no blockage. , Long service life, simple operation and management, no cost, no secondary pollution, light weight, convenient transportation and so on. 
2, compared with the static Dust remover, the total investment is only 1/3 of electrostatic dust removal. 
3, Simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, no moving parts in the body, low power consumption, no special auxiliary equipment, less investment in small footprint, and basically no maintenance. 
4. This Dust remover is an energy-saving Dust remover. It needs to overcome the flue gas forward resistance to consume a certain amount of drag air blower energy, as well as static electricity and water film dust removal. However, it does not need to consume energy itself. The electric Dust remover needs to consume electric energy. Can run. More than 95% of the materials used in this product are non-metallic materials that can be used locally, which can save a lot of steel for the country. 
5, the operation flexibility is large, the performance is stable, free from the concentration of dusty gas, temperature limit. 
6, the ash outlet can be used as an automatic ash discharge valve, which can discharge ash when the boiler is running, and does not need to stop the induced draft fan to discharge ash.

l  main technical characteristics

Technical indicators Technical Parameters unit Remarks
Dust removal efficiency >90 %  
Equipment resistance 600-900 Pa  
Import and export flow rate 10-16 m/h  
Equipment mechanical design pressure 6000 Pa Steel structure material
Air leakage rate <1 %  
Operating temperature <350 °C  

l  specification model

Specification model XTD-2 XTD-4 XTD-8 XTD-12 XTD-16 XTD-20 XTD-30 XTD-40
Handling the amount of smoke 3000 Nm3/h 6000 Nm3/h 12000 Nm3/h 18000 Nm3/h 24000 Nm3/h 30000 Nm3/h 45000 Nm3/h 60000 Nm3/h
Number of ceramic tubes 2 4 8 12 16 20 30 40
Equipment weight Kg 480 810 1900 2350 3100 3810 5500 7800